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photograph of lenny benaicha

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lenny “scarlenn” benaïcha, jack of all trades, master of some. artistic, creative, technologic, and entrepreneurial. i worked as an artist in theatres both in belgium and abroad. subsequently, as an atypical front-end web developer with these days, where i provided innovation and inspiration, as well as introducing new technologies in order to pitch them to clients, and hands-on coding. i went on to found my own company, which won the start-up of the year (2015) award, according to the belgian chamber of commerce. i brought my first company from nothing to something and did what we would now refer to as “growth.” recently i worked with wunderman as a strategic technologist with a heavy focus on innovation and growth. throughout the last couple of years, i started (guest) teaching at numerous college universities. currently active as (co-founding) entrepreneur in reseidence and chief growth officer at kazi, an hr tech platform.

expert generalist

one of my goals in life is to be able to acquire as much knowledge as possible from as many different fields or domains as possible. then make a distinction between what's useful for the planet, in order to be able to pass it on and inspire others. i distinctly remember feeling uncomfortable, a couple of years ago, due to what could be perceived from the outside world as lack of focus, until i came across the term "t-shaped profile". that's me. i strive to be, and take pride in being an expert generalist, similar to, in my humble opinion, the greatest minds known to mankind.

growth - (hyper)scale90%
marketing - automation80%
development - frontend web technologies85%
cms - wordpress75%
design - display & print80%
ux / ui - prototypes, mockups, wireframes & information architecture75%
public speaking82%
teaching - guest lectoring at college universities86%
entrepreneurship - #startuplife85%
seo - sea & sem65%
management - consultancy85%


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